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A dossier is always linked to a location, and this location to a company. All types of documents are stored in a dossier: Offer, confirmation, invoice, etc. A dossier is always linked to a travel agent (an external employee of the company).

An automatic follow-up is created when the dossier is created. This is currently 14 days after creation. The duration can be set in days in the Global Settings.

Create a dossier

After you have created a company and a location, a dossier can be created at the location level. The dossier summarizes all the information about a trip.

Opening date
On which day the dossier is opened.

Travel Advisor
Which Travel Advisor is responsible on the client side.

Which employee is responsible for designing and managing the trip and the dossier in general?

Responsible employee operations
In large companies, the administrative work is distinguished from the work of the travel designer (assembles the trip).

The employee and the responsible employee can also be the same!

Set automatic follow-up

Menu: Administration → Administration → Technical → Global Settings