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Menu: General → Employee


Here you can register all your employees and assign them their appropriate roles with the corresponding authorizations. You can only create as many users as you have licences.

You can always contact us, if you need to upgrade your licence quota.
Contact us.

Staff members can be deactivated. Deactivated employees no longer appear in any selection list, their user account is set to inactive, and they are not counted towards the licence quota. If the status of an employee is changed from deactivated to activated, the licence limit must be observed.

Create and edit

After the creation of an employee, they will receive an invitation email to advatra and have to set a password. This email has a validity of 24 hours. Read more here.

To simplify access and setup of the first steps, we recommend giving every employee the role of an administrator. Later, you can always structure the roles the way you need it.