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Sometimes when you send guests to a hotel, the hotel will pay you a commission for the booking. This commission can vary depending on the agreement between the two parties. 

In order for you to receive this commission, you must send an invoice to the hotel requesting payment.

It is important for you to keep accurate records of their bookings and invoices in order to ensure you receive the correct commission payments from hotels.

In advatra, you can enter commissions at different locations.

Product template

In the main and additional services, you can activate the "Supplier offers commission"-Toggle to activate the commission feature on this price.

You will have to enter the account financial and the VAT of the commission.

Enter the commission as a positive amount. advatra will later subtract the commission from your purchasing price.



Whether it is a Repetitive or a Unique price, you can enter the commission amount for each price as you would enter the purchase and sales price.

Product price

In an Offer or Confirmation, you can change the commission directly on a product for each of the services assigned.

By default, advatra will overtake the commission information directly from the product template.