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Product templates

A product template summarizes an activity with all its features. (For example, an overnight stay at the Hotel Schweizerhof Lucerne). 

Different subproduct templates can be attached to a product template. 
(Product template: Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern, subproduct template 1: double room, subproduct template 2: suite with lake view)

The following properties are attached to a product template:

  1. Supplier (Attached to the hotel night is the supplier: Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern AG)
  2. Product category: (Category: 5-star hotels)
  3. Location (Large: Switzerland, Medium: Lucerne)

A trip consists of several product templates with the desired subproduct templates.

Product structure

Data for a product is always filled according to the same structure. This structure also shows the relations of all data among each other.



Before you create a product template, you must have filled in the following information:
Supplier, Locations, Product categories, Image categories, Images

Create a product template incoming and fill in the detail information:

As soon as you add a supplier, the fields Name and Mail will be filled in automatically, because the information is already stored in the supplier.

If you assign a supplier to the product template, all subproduct templates will automatically have the same supplier. However, you can overwrite these as you wish. If you want to store different suppliers for your subproduct templates, do not store a supplier in the product template.

Min. and Max. Person
If you have a product template where the maximum number of people cannot be defined exactly, such as a hotel, then only insert a minimum number of people. (Min. Person = 1)

Shows the duration of the activity in hours per day. A product template with the product category type "hotel" should always have at least a duration of 24 hours.

This email will be used for the automatic email generation features of the to-dos. Mostly this is the booking email address, like

A Product template must be linked with a location.

If a product template has set one of them, the subproduct template can only use the next smaller entity. (Large > Medium > Small)

Product categories
Choose from your own created product categories.

Once you have created the product template, you can add more information on the product overview page like: