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What are products?

Products summarize an activity with all its characteristics. (For example an overnight stay at the Hotel Schweizerhof Lucerne with all the detail information)

Products consist of product templates and subproduct templates.

The following properties are attached to a product:

  1. Supplier (Attached to the hotel night is the supplier: Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern AG)
  2. Product category: (Category: 5-star Hotels)
  3. Location (Large: Switzerland, Medium: Lucerne)

A trip consists of several products. Products are therefore the basis for a trip.

In order to use products, services (main service and/or additional service) have to be assigned.

Products can be created in the administrator area and added to documents.

You can also create a new offer, add the elements and prices you like there and save the product to your library!

Product structure

Data for a product is always filled according to the same structure. This structure also shows the relations of all data among each other.

  • A product template can contain a subproduct template, can have a main service and/or an additional service, and has various properties.
  • A subproduct template is attached to a product template, can have a main service and/or an additional service, and has different properties.


Product structure in advatra

In the application on advatra, the product structure is displayed in the form of a side menu on the product template and the subproduct template.
So you know if you are on the main product or subproduct template.


See the full structure of products