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Locations are important for the later search function for products and refines the search by geographical characteristics. The Location component is summarized in a tile with 3 different sizes (Small, Medium, Large). However, you are free on the way you want to use these 3 sizes, which restricts the search from large to small. 

It is important that the structure of the three levels is always thought of from the smallest unit.

Large: e.g. Country = USA
Medium: e.g. Federal States = California, Florida, Texas, etc.
Small: e.g. Cities = Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, etc.

Again, these are just examples, you can use these 3 characteristics the way it's best for your individual needs. Therefore, it's important to think first about how you want to narrow down the product search for your markets.

Create and edit

  1. Create large locations
  2. Create medium locations and assign them to a large location
  3. Create small locations and assign them to a medium location